About us

Picomel has over 70 years of collective experience and a comprehensive knowledge of infant formula. Based on this, we found that the production process could be better, more efficient, and cheaper. With this principle, we built our innovative advanced Picomel factory in Zeewolde in 2015.

Loyal supplier

Picomel has a good reputation as a loyal supplier. We want to maintain that reputation. That is why we work on process optimisation every day. This means that we develop new machines for production and internal operation ourselves. And our second packaging line, which is under construction, allows us to further increase of our capacity.

Our team

Picomel works with a small professional team. As a modern employer we pay a lot of attention to new employees’ mentality. People really have to fit in with us. In addition to a pleasant work atmosphere, that starting point provides a guarantee for quality, commitment and stability. We consciously choose to work only during the day, as we consider this is healthier. And with our automation, this is entirely possible.

What does Picomel mean?

The name Picomel is composed of two words. ‘Pico’ mean small and ‘mel’ means milk. Picomel means milk for little ones.

Short lines of communication

Due to the small team our communication lines are very short. This works very well. And you always speak to an employee with expertise.