Regular bottle feeding

Picomel develops and produces high quality private label infant formula. With each phase in a baby’s life there is a different nutritional need. That’s why we provide infant formula for these different nutritional phases.

Infant formula for medical use

Picomel develops and produces a unique high quality private label infant formula for babies who need a special diet as they cannot cope with the standard infant formula.

Picomel. Great in private label infant formula!

Picomel is a reliable and very experienced business partner in private label infant formula.
We have 70 years of collective experience and in-depth knowledge in business and we guarantee consistent excellent quality.
Moreover, thanks to our innovative and efficient production process, we can offer competitive prices.


Our unique and sophisticated production process in a tall factory works exclusively with gravity. This keeps the structure of our milk powders intact. Picomel produces sustainably with self-developed machines and maximum hygiene to eliminate all risks.



The result is completely homogeneous, high-quality milk powder that dissolves perfectly. Picomel is a small company and unique in its extreme flexibility. We are open to discussing product formulas and order quantities. Picomel can deliver large or small batches of high quality private label infant formula in either sachet or tins.

Our factory

Our unique production process was the rationale behind the design of our modern facility. The height of the building effectively utilises gravity in its production process of the high quality infant formula. Moreover, our facility is very sustainable and prepared for the future. The first and currently the only of its kind to achieve the BREEAM certification in the Netherlands.

Immaculate structure of milk powders

Picomel’s unique gravity production method in combination with modern technology ensures the immaculate structure of our milk powders. Our business process is very efficiently implemented and mostly automated. This makes any damage or contamination of our milk powders virtually impossible.