Our factory

Picomel is the first and only facility in the Netherlands with a ‘BREEAM-NL Excellence’ certification.

Sustainable factory

BREAAM-NL assesses the sustainability performance of buildings on the aspect of location, building and process. Producing with minimal impact on the environment. That means, of course, keeping an eye on our energy consumption. Picomel transports with gravity in the production process. In our tall building the products flow from top to bottom. We use the heat from that process as heating for the office area. This is done with a four-pipe heat pump that both cools and heats at the same time.

No natural gas

Almost all engines in our facility are frequency regulated. Furthermore, we use LED lighting and we recover energy during the use of our elevator. Our solar panels provide sufficient energy on average to run the heat pump. That is why our building does not have a natural gas connection. With our nitrogen generator, delivery of nitrogen by trucks is not necessary. And of course, we paid a lot of attention to the leak-tightness and insulation of our building.


Part of our investments are demonstrably recouped due to lower operational costs. We expect to save around 60 % on energy consumption.

BREEAM score per category

Management66,67 %
Health90,38 %
Energy76,92 %
Transport50,00 %
Water66,67 %
Materials46,15 %
Waste66,67 %
Land use and ecology63,64 %
Pollution66,67 %
Total score 70,97%

More about BREEAM-NL

The name BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. The method was originally developed by an English research organization. The method has been made suitable for the Dutch market. Knowing more? Download the case study (Dutch only)