Regular bottle feeding

Picomel produces and develops high quality private label bottle feeding for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers because each age phase has a different nutritional need. For infants, breastfeeding is almost always preferred, but if infant formulas are the only source of nutrition, then Picomel offers the best alternative because it has the highest quality.

The Regular Range

Infant formula 0-6 monthsStandard 1
0-6 monthsFormula for hungry babies
Follow-up milk6-12 monthsStandard 2
10-12 monthsStandard 3
6- 12 monthsFormula for hungry babies
Toddler milkFrom 1 yearToddler milk 4
Pre-schoolerFrom 2 yearsPre-school formula 5


Picomel supplies a range of bottle formula prescriptions for various ages. All our recipes comply with applicable laws and regulations. Our bottle formula contains:

  • All-important nutrients
  • The fibers GOS: FOS in the ratio 9:1
  • Nucleotides
  • The omega fatty acids DHA and AA

Moreover, our food contains the right amounts of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, we can claim that Picomel bottle formula supports the normal development of:

  • the immune system (vitamin A and Zinc)
  • the brain (Iron)
  • growth (Iodene)
  • the bones (vitamin D and Calcium)

If you have specific requirements, we can adjust the recipe. This may be necessary if, for example, different laws and regulations apply in the country of distribution.